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About Me

Director. Writer. Storyteller. 

Kurt Knight is an award winning, Mexican American, writer and director. He got his start in the art department, rising quickly to art director and producer of the five film epic fantasy series, Mythica. Spotted as a talented writer with a knack for imaginative worlds, he was given the opportunity to write and direct a web series called We All Fall Down, a post apocalyptic story where all adults have turned to zombies, leaving the children to fend for themselves in a Lord of the Flies type world. The finished product far exceeded the producers expectations. The team decided to make the small web series into Knights first feature film. We All Fall Down, the feature, went on to various festivals and is now streaming on Amazon Prime. Kurt’s second feature, The Appearance, a thriller set in the Middle Ages, played in Cinemapocalypse FilmQuest and Utah Film Awards,  receiving more than eighteen nominations and winning several acknowledgments including Best Feature at the Utah Film Awards. His cast was also recognized for their achievements on the film; Jake Stormoen (Elder Scrolls) received a nomination for his lead roll as Mateho as well as Kristian Nairn (Game of Thrones), who won best supporting role for his character Johnny. Kurt has since joined the Directors Guild of America and directed seven episodes of The CW’s tv series The Outpost staring Jessica Green (Cleopatra) and Anand Desai-Barochia (Bridgerton) and features Kevin McNally( Pirates of the Caribbean), Andrew Howard (Tenet), Robyn Malcolm (Lord of the Rings).  The series was nominated in the Saturn Awards for Best Fantasy Television Series (2019) and Best Action Thriller Series (2021) 

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